Thursday, January 10, 2019


When the New Year rolls around I always have a resolution in mind.  In my last post I shared with you my plan to memorize 52 scriptures this year.  I'm doing great so far!  ðŸ˜€

I have some other goals that I've been thinking about for a while.  Since I'm now a true empty nester, I don't want to get lazy with my new-found time.  I want to finish some things that I've started the last few years and enrich some areas I feel I've neglected.  I have to confess that I kind of overwhelmed myself reading and listening to podcasts lately.  All of these people are rock stars with goal setting and just generally being awesome.  I've discovered Rachel Hollis, the author of Girl, Wash Your Face and the "Let's Rise" podcast.  Alison on "The Alison Show" cracks me up and inspires me, and I downloaded her Best Year Yet worksheets.  Then there's a new book by Grace Valentine, Am I Enough? that I'm into as well.  Holley Gerth just started a new podcast too, so I've got to check that out.  Of course all of these are on social media and filling up my feed.   I felt like I was getting so much good advice and ideas I was on overload!!!

I realized I need to do the KISS* method and only occasionally listen and read from these talented ladies.  God's Word is the most important book of life and I need to exercise some discipline in this area or I will go crazy! As I was walking today, I came up with the three things that matter most to me.  Here's my personal goals for 2019:





CARE For me this means to nurture more relationships outside my family.  I've had this feeling for a while that I need to get outside my comfort zone (my home) and take walks, go for coffee, make a phone call or go to lunch with others to encourage them.  I prefer to do more passive things like send notes or email, so this is definitely the most challenging goal I have.

DECLUTTER This is still a biggie for me even though I've been trying for a few years!  Now that the last child is married, all the wedding gifts are out of the house, and no more junk coming in, I should really be able to go through each room thoroughly.  I'm really interested in a simpler life but this has been dragging me down and this change in life has me ready for action!  The attic, storage closet, and scrapbooking rooms will be a big challenge.  I'm leaving the garage to The Hubs.

CREATE Crafting is something I love to do, whether it's a scrapbook page, working on a women's ministry project, or making the home-made Christmas gifts we exchange with the family. Researching online for women's ministry is another way I get ideas and feel creative.   I love it all and sometimes feel bad about doing this when there's chores to be done.  I am giving myself permission to enjoy this time without guilt. Everybody needs a little down-time, right?

I've looked at my current activities and decided to spend an hour each week on each thing.  I'm writing the words CARE, DECLUTTER, CREATE daily in my planner to keep them fresh in mind.  I'm hoping once I get into it, the time will grow and I will be able to spend more than that, but for now, incorporating 3 hours a week caring, decluttering, and creating are what I'm striving for.   

So, if you're an empty nester, what advice do you have? 
 Have you tried to get some things done like this?

*Keep it simple, stupid 

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